Interactive Use of Technology for Adult Education

“Erasmus+“ KA2 project “Interactive Use of Technology for Adult Education“

The main objectives of the Project are:

  • Professional development of teachers, career- and study counsellors and other relevant staff. Emphasis is put on interactive study material, user-friendly and rewarding interface.
  • To share best practices, knowledge, and experience in the use of interactive tutorials in teaching and learning.
  • To motivate career- and study counsellors, teachers, and other pedagogical staff to learn about Interactive use of technology in counselling and teaching/learning.
  • To help career and study counsellors learn to design and implement effective strategies for specific adult target groups to enhance basic skills in learning.
  • To organize workshops on the development and use of exemplary technical projects.
  • To introduce a special learning approach and knowledge of how to assist students in connection with the use of ICT in education.
  • To nurture the joy of studying and prevent as possible disappointment among adult learners.
  • To improve access of the institutions´ target groups to education, regardless of place and time.
  • Create the opportunity for learners to assess their own progress with interactive study-material.
  • To make a project website where the project material is published.

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