Project meetings

Meeting in Iceland

The fifth transnational meeting of the project INTERACTE (No.2019-1-IS01-KA204-0511-43) was held on September 26-30, 2022, hosted by MÍMIR in Reykjavík Iceland.

During this project meeting MÍMIR organized a 5 day workshop on the designing and using interactive tutorials in teaching and learning; assisting learners in connection with the use of IT education. The meeting was attended by partners from Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, Spain.

During this meeting, the following topics were discussed and the relevant project tasks were implemented: how to design and use interactive tutorials in teaching and learning; use of technology in counselling and teaching/learning; designing and implementing effective strategies for specific adult target groups to enhance basic skills in learning; assisting learners in connection with the use of ICT in education; organizing a workshop how to use different language learning apps. The hosts organized the following interesting and engaging meetings and activities:

  1. Presentation of different Projects (language and work-related).
  2. Presentation of a Nordplus project “Discover Iceland”.
  3. Workshop: the use Apps in language teaching.
  4. Presentation of Mímir – Centre for Lifelong Learning in Reykjavík.
  5. Workshop “Stream and Bookings – career and guidance counsellors”. Using technology in counselling; next step; practical skills assessment, booking in outlook, job hunting, back to school, VARK survey, teaching survey.
  6. Guided Tour of Reykjavik and The Settlement Exhibition. Project participants admired the wonderful nature of Iceland and got acquainted with cultural objects.
  7. Coordinators’ meeting. The achieved results of the project and the writing of the final report were discussed.

The participants of the meeting were involved in many interesting activities. An opportunity experimenting with technology in education and innovative teaching methods that meet the needs of adults was given. During this meeting, it was possible to learn how the Icelandic organization works, what methods it uses, what projects it implements, how it organizes its activities in order to facilitate the integration of the learners. Participants also learned about various applications, apps and methods that not only allow us to acquire the necessary competencies faster, but also facilitate the cultural integration of the learners. During the meeting, a lot of attention was also paid to getting to know the culture and traditions of Iceland: project participants learned this not only by examining the projects implemented by the hosts, but also after the seminars, exploring this interesting country. The entire Icelandic team helped the project participants to get to know the Icelandic culture better during this week.

During this, the last project meeting, all project partners discussed and shared their experiences on how to more successfully transfer the knowledge gained during the implementation of the project to the activities of their organizations.


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